How will you have a comfortable and unique home?

Choose our interior design consultation and we will show you how to use colors, lights and furniture to create the home for your personality.

Planning your perfect home is not an easy task.

Creating harmonious spaces that reflect personal style, taste and ambience might be a big challenge.

You can easily face your fears and commit mistakes on the way.

Sure, it is important to express your identity through your home, just as you do with the clothes you wear.

But sometimes no matter how hard you try, spaces, colors and furniture simply doesn’t come together.

This is the time for asking the help of an interior designer!

As the founder of AT Home Design, people contact me regularly with interior design issues

A personal consultation in an interactive form helps to find an effective solution for all questions or problems.

The process step by step:

Needs assessment

Mapping the basic functional and aesthetic needs based on your personal lifestyle in order to maximize the potential of your space.

Presenting opportunities

We show you the ways to create the perfect space for your lifestyle and personality.

Timeline and budget-planning

We plan a budget based on your needs and calculate a timeline for the interior design process.

By the end of the consultation you will know all what is needed for your own dream home.

What makes a simple space your perfect home

All the colors and styles that fit your personality to feel good at home

Every element that makes a space comfortable, elegant and lively

Would you like to be part of this exciting and cheerful planning process? Take the first step – apply for an appointment!


  • Price: 50 000 HUF
  • Duration: ~ 90 minutes
  • Venue: flexible

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