Designing a living space is an interesting, uplifting and at the same time challenging task. A home can be as unique as many different individuals, personalities exist. That is why creating a personalized home is our main concern: a place that is truly yours, where you are not stranger but relax and feel good the minute you arrive home.

I’m Anita Tóth, the founder of AT Home Design. My passion is designing and creating interior spaces. I am happy to do my job with passion and grateful to have a profession that motivates me every day and fills me with inspiration. My life is intertwined with my enthusiasm for design and my constant desire for learning and developing myself.

Our team specializes in designing luxury apartments and properties. Our philosophy is to bring the most value to our customers throughout our work. Being able to design several luxury homes and high-end properties from Budapest to Paris is our biggest success.

I am dedicated to create personalized spaces and quality implementations, hence I feel totally fulfilled working as an interior designer.

My job is based on both professionalism and forming personal bonds at the same time. Every project receives my full attention to the slightest details, my passion for interior design and my professional attitude in order to create the most beautiful and unique homes and have the happiest clients.

My customers often tell us, that in reality, everything is even better and a lot more vivid, compared to the plans! This is the best possible recognition for us!

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