Timeless and modern spaces brought to life, Personalized just for you

Interiors that truly shine for years to come!


Creating an interior on your own which reflects your personal demands and where you will feel good – we know what a difficult task it is.

What is the perfect floor plan to create a comfortable living space for you?

Which colors and textiles express your personality the most? What makes an interior design modern and expressive for a long time?

AT Home Design is making Your dreams a Reality!

We have worked on several luxury real estate design projects during the past years, creating quality high-end spaces with harmony and comfort.

Dream it!

Imagine a home that truly express your identity!

We bring it to life!

We will make your dream a reality with designing and creating your interiors.

Enjoy your new home!

Arrive home to your own island of tranquility each day! Pour yourself a drink and relax!

Entering your new home will make you feel good immediately – let’s create this space together!

A perfect place for personal adventures, whether if it’s relaxation or having your friends over for dinner.

We are here to help you from the first ideas to the finishing touches to create the living space you can be proud of.

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Moving in to your first home is always a special step in someone’s live. It’s important to find the perfect style with fresh youthful décor elements and careful implementation. We provide consultations for personalized solutions. Your ideas will be interpreted accurately to create the space you can call your first home.


For truly outstanding personalities with exquisite taste and love for high-quality. For those who wish to make their homes outstanding with premium design products, with world-class, unique solutions. Uniqueness and reliability influence our planning and implementation processes.